Camship Ltd has been carrying out dry docking consultancy services for various ship owners in Nigeria. Our professionals are adequately positioned to prepare comprehensive dry docking specification, negotiate prices with ship yards and effectively supervise all repairs. Recently we carried out the drydocking of two tanker vessels for Zenon Petroleum Ltd, one for Equitorial Energy Company Ltd and another for Globe Shipping Line ltd.
Camship Ltd offers general ships hull repair services, steel construction, Shaft repairs and alignment services. Our dedicated divers offers underwater repair services.

Our marine and allied diesel engine repairs department has been doing well in the comprehensive overhaul of various diesel engines. We have offered such services at one occasion to Comet Shipping Ltd, during the major repair and special class survey of an AHTS vessel under their management. Four of her main engines and two generators of MAN 12V 20/27 and MAN 5L 20/27 respectively were completely overhauled by our engineers just to mention but a few. We are experts on Sulzer and B&W Engines.

Our desire to offer first class services in the area of diesel engine maintenance led to the procurement of computerized instruments for the monitoring and calibration of cylinder liners, crankshaft deflection, Main bearing line boring, laser speed indicators and laser alignment kit.

We carry out marine control, electronics and electrical repairs on board ships. Repairs and management of heavy duty electro hydraulic cranes have remained as part of the services we offer. We repair electromechanical equipments, cargo pumps, valves and main switch board.

Pipe line installation and repairs in oil tank farms are also carried out by our fabrication technicians.