What We do at Camship

Camship Limited is a wholly Nigerian indigenous shipping agency founded in 2004 with the objectives of servicing the Maritime, Oil and Gas Industry. Our core services is in the area of ship technical management. The company is committed to rendering efficient service delivery in this regard. We have grown and fully experienced to handle oil tanker vessels of all flags. Our Services include, but not limited to the following:


  1. Ships Technical Management
  2. Ships Commercial Management
  3. Crew Management & Manpower Resource Agents
  4. Ships Acquisition Advisory Services
  5. Ships Prepurchase Inspection, Condition and Valuation Surveys
  6. Vessel Ownership
  7. Agency Services


  1. Drydocking Consultancy and Superintendence
  2. General Ships Steel Construction
  3. Diesel Engine repairs, Installation and Retrofits
  4. Factory Production Machine Repairs
  5. Boiler Installation and Tube Renewals
  6. Ships Rudder and Shafting Repairs
  7. Machine Shop Services
  8. Ships Demolition Experts
  9. Terminal Defect Managers
  10. Heavy Duty Crane Repairs


  1. International Procurement of Ships Spare Parts and Navigation Equipments.
  2. Supply of Certified Steel Plates
  3. Ship Chandlers-Water and Provision Supplies.
  4. Machinery Importation-Engines, Forklifts, Graders, Bulldozers, Trucks and Generators.
  5. Manufacturers’ Representative – Sole agent to EAST WIND GMBH GERMANY and HATLAPA COMPRESSORS in Nigeria.


CAMSHIP LIMITED employee must perform his or her activities in accordance with this safety policy. Any activities which the employee believes cannot be carried out in accordance with this policy must be suspended and reported immediately to the supervisor.

CAMSHIP  LIMITED has a safety policy that its business will be organized, planned and executed in such a manner as to:

Protect and promote the health of the work force as well as to conduct all activities in such a manner not to adversely affect any third part.

Avoid injury to all workers, subcontractors, sub-consultants and third parties who are either involved or affected by CAMSHIP LIMITED activities. Minimize the impact of our activities on the environment in which we operate.

Observe our clients’ HSE rules and regulations and ensure that the clients’ HSE objectives are achieved.

The value of employees to the company cannot be over-emphasized. The company cannot exist without them. Thus, it has been the cardinal principle of CAMSHIP LIMITED to maintain very high safety standard in order to safeguard the lives of its employees in the environment of operations. When the worker is safe in the working environment, he can work or operate effectively with total concentration and commitment to meet customer’s satisfaction. In order to achieve these:

Workers are made to undergo trainings that would keep them abreast of any hazardous situation that they are prone to be confronted with in the course of discharging their official responsibilities. Hazard analysis is usually made before the commencement of any work to determine the extent or level of the hazard.

Employees as a standard, are provided with Personal Protective Equipments such as hand gloves, gas masks, helmets, industrial foot wears like boots, jacket or coats, etc to be worn for their total protection from one form of hazard or the other.


CAMSHIP  LIMITED emphasis is placed on alcohol and drug control in consonance with our health and safety policy.

It is an offence for any employee of CAMSHIP LIMITED and Partners in Nigeria to be under the influence of alcohol or in possession of, or under the influence of any non-prescription drug such as cocaine, amphetamine (speed), marijuana, hashish or other illegal drugs at our work place.

Being under the influence of performance enhancing drugs and alcohol contravenes the company’s policy and as such will constitute official misconduct which will immediately lead to the termination of employee’s appointment.

The company shall not allow, use, possession, exchange, distribution or sale of drugs/alcohol in the company’s premises/sites, onshore and offshore.

Only qualified medical practitioners (Doctors/Nurses) are authorized to administer drugs to workers. Only approved list for First Aid is allowed at work place unless a Doctor or a Nurse is attached to the site.

Record of administered drugs, to whom and for what purpose including the date such drug was given most be maintained.


As good corporate entity, it is crystal clear that CAMSHIP LIMITED does not serve only its employees but it also serves the interest of non-employees too. So as a viable corporate entity, the company is totally aware and conscious of the fact that it has corporate responsibilities to discharge to individuals to make life worth living for them.

The company has therefore, extended its kind gesture to some Nigerians by awarding them scholarships to undertake different university and professional careers in shipping and marine technology. With humility and all sense of decency, we make bold to mention that one of the beneficiaries of this unique gesture is a Marine Engineer and another is a professional graduate of the Nigerian Maritime Academy. These gestures give credence to our Community Relations Policy and Principle of maintaining of good rapport and complete cordial relationship with the various host communities.

Since it is the company’s policy to contribute to the growth and development of corporate Nigeria, we shall strive harder and continue to embark on such noble courses and lofty ideals from time to time, subject to the dictates of the company’s financial resources.